FB Tanzania Expeditions is here to take you to the heart of the most diverse and wild rich country boasting Africa’s highest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro; one of the most famous archaeological sites, Olduvai (Oldupai) Gorge; and the Ngorongoro Crater, a World Heritage site as well as the legendary endless plains of the Serengeti.The Northern Serengeti, a biggest park full of wild inhabitant is an ideal first-time safari with Big 5 game viewing, cultural interactions, and breathtaking landscapes. Words just cannot express the beauty of the nature and the wilderness in Tanzania. For Travelers all across the globe looking to spend their vacation and holidays in Tanzania, FB Tanzania Expeditions is prepared to making your adventure fantasy a reality. We offer full packages for Safari Tours and Trekking of the most astonishing, easy to ascend and descend the Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Our Safari Type

Tanzania Safari

FB Tanzania Expeditions assure an adventures experience in the heart of Tanzania which makes yourself get lost in some beautiful place. Our budget safari package provides a private safari vehicle, driver guide along with the camping equipment.

Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing

Compared to other mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro is a relatively easy climb. You don’t need to be a professional climber to attempt the ascent, although a good level of physical fitness is a must. With the assistance of our professional guide team, we can get you to the peak so that you can gaze out across Africa.

Day Trip

The excursions are ideal: in a short time, you can visit the national park by observing the great diversity of wildlife or experience the everyday life of the indigenous people of Tanzania.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Route