Nakuja Expeditions Limited

Nakuja Expeditions is a travel and tourism company based in Tanzania, Africa. They offer pre-planned tours and safari packages as well as customized travel itineraries, guides and show tourists the beauty of Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. Founded by Kitambi Abdallah and Mark Costovny, they’ve combined their experience in and passion for tourism to create itineraries ranging from 1-21 days. Co-founder of Nakuja Expeditions, Kitambi Abdallah expressed his excitement when sharing his company’s profile with his friends all the time travel back United State of America. Together, these two adventurous spirits combined their knowledge of tourism and varied experiences to train a seasoned team of tour guides and operators, bringing in interested clients from across the world to visit Tanzania and other East African nations. Today, this well-established travel company in Tanzania proudly caters to adventure enthusiasts looking to experience authentic outdoor adventures in Africa’s famous National Parks, conquering Mountains such as the mighty Kilimanjaro, and having tranquil beach holidays while exploring breaking landscapes.


Why Choose Nakuja Expeditions Limited to Be Your Travel Partner

Since East Africa is a popular tourist region with many worth-visiting countries, you can easily find several East African travel companies offering various tours to locations in the region. It brings up the question of why you should choose our tourism travel company to visit these beautiful African countries.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose Nakuja Expeditions Limited as your travel partner:

  • Custom Tours: We understand the demands and dreams of tourists and offer custom tours to your favorite places in Tanzania, Rwanda,Kenya, and other countries in the region

  • Best Mix of Known and Obscure Tourist Spots: Our tour operators are aware of the striking locations and adventure opportunities that attract the most tourists, as well as the hidden gems and lesser-known places and adventures. We offer a healthy mix of both to our clients.

  • Accommodate All Budgets: We believe that every individual deserves to see the world in style. It’s why we offer tour packages that can accommodate all sorts of budgets and needs. We offer the most high-end, luxury safaris, Mid range safaris, trekking adventures, all-encompassing tours, and the more competitively-priced packages as well

  • Versatile Tour Packages: Our tour operators create packages that can suit multiple types of tourists, including friends, families, couples, singles, students, colleagues, and moreOur tour operators create packages that can suit multiple types of tourists, including friends, families, couples, singles, students, colleagues, and more

  • Short & Comprehensive Tours: We want to facilitate our clients as much as possible. In this stride, our flexible tours can last a day or go up to 21 days. They can include meals, accommodation, and most important of all, safe and comfortable transport.

  • Local Expertise: Since all of our seasoned tour operators are locals, you can rest assured that your days will be filled with insights that only a local can offer. For each place you visit, your tour guide will have interesting facts and stories to share about the location, adding rich layers of history, culture, and tradition to your visit.