Frank Boniface

Managing Director

Frank is a pure Tanzanian strain. Since childhood, seeing the 4×4 tour, he knows he wants to work with tourists. It was in 2009 that the adventure began for him. First guide safari then carrier, he became in 2011 the youngest mountain guide of Kilimanjaro Park.

Over the years, Frank has developed a great diversity in his professional practice.By learning French in just over 6 months, he was as comfortable with this language as he is in Swahili or English. Recognized as the best French guide in Arusha, he likes to laugh with the people he accompanies and discover the subtleties of this language.

Frank has always been passionate about giving people he supervises quality services. Originally a freelance guide and official French-speaking guide for the UCPA from 2012 to the end of 2018, Frank wanted to create the FB Tanzania Expeditions agency in order to organize trips for which he is entirely responsible and thus live up to his commitments.

Despite this unparalleled career, Frank’s great quality is to never forget his origins. Whether with his clients, his porters, his assistant guides, his cooks, his drivers or his partners, he likes to combine the pleasure of a job well done and that of sharing.

Its objectives: to eliminate the intermediaries as much as possible, to be closer to the people and to make you live your dream in complete safety to leave with images that you will never forget, new knowledge and a monstrous desire to return to explore this magnificent country!

Whether for a climb, an animal safari, a cultural exchange or for an experience of the annual migration of millions of wildebeest to Serengeti, the approach is different but equally important for him.

To meet different people, to bring them their experience on local life and to exchange on different cultures are its leitmotivs.