Whether climbing Kilimanjaro or discovering Tanzania through a safari, this type of trip is often the trip of a lifetime.

Often thought a long time in advance, many questions arise before taking this trip, FB Tanzania Expeditions is here to reassure you and best meet your expectations while maintaining the commitments that are dear to him.

Safety Commitment

FB Tanzania Expeditions makes safety its first commitment

Whether for our clients or our field teams (guides, drivers, porters, cooks …), it is important for us to guarantee everyone’s safety.

With different measures, nothing is left to chance!

  • selection of qualified, certified and authorized guides.
  • anticipation and simulation of emergency cases (example: hyperbaric chamber test at each climb)
  • adapted emergency equipment provided (first aid kit, hyperbaric chamber, oxygen cylinder)
  • briefing and debriefing each day with clients and teams
  • check vehicles before departure
  • priority to acclimatization during climbs
  • requests important health information and emergency warning information from each participant
  • vigilance of the equipment of our customers (check list made available) and of our teams (verification before departure)
  • Benevolent working conditions with minimum wage of 10 USD / day and 3 hot meals / day for our porters
  • according to regulations, rangers present or available at any time with satellite phone
  • number of guide or assistant guides in accordance with a rapid descent in case of acute mountain sickness (MAM)

Despite all these measures, we remind you that it is essential that you have at least a guarantee “medical care abroad” and a guarantee “repatriation” including “search and rescue costs”. These insurances are not included in your stay.

Quality Commitment

“In the race for quality, there is no finish line” David Kearns

From the first contact, the quality of our services and your satisfaction is one of our priorities.

Each stay and each person is different, so it seems important to get to know you and quickly establish a relationship of trust.

Thanks to contacts by email and phone, answers with the most complete information possible and explanatory documents (obtaining the visa, check list, general information), we are constantly vigilant in responding to your best expectations.

Because to progress, it is also important to assess yourself, in addition to the daily debriefings, you will receive at the end of your stay a satisfaction survey.

Because all trips are important to us, all our departures are guaranteed whatever the number of people expected.

Ethical commitment

For FB Tanzania Expeditions it is very important to work in respect for the environment, its partners and its team.

All our partners are local actors and our teams are made up exclusively of Tanzanians. It is important for us to act together locally with the same objective: to promote and preserve our beautiful country, Tanzania.

With FB Tanzania Expeditions, our customers are sure to travel on a human scale.

Rare are groups of more than 12 people.

Each circuit is designed to be closer to the inhabitants and the beauty of the landscapes while respecting the nature of each.

In addition, we join the Tanzanian government in reducing our ecological impact. Mutualisation of transport, prohibition of plastic bottles in the Kilimanjaro park, banishment of plastic bags etc …

“The regulation prohibiting the use of plastic bags in Tanzania [came back] into effect on June 1, 2019. It is therefore forbidden for foreign travelers to import into their luggage all types of plastic bags. The law provides for penalties of up to 200,000 shillings (77 €) and 7 days in prison. Authorities nevertheless allow closure plastic bags imposed by airlines for the transport of sanitary products. * Source France Diplomacy

Price Commitment

Because a trip to Tanzania is for many an investment, it is important for us to have a fair price.

By creating his own agency, Frank wanted to minimize providers and reduce the cost of each trip.

Many agencies subcontract their stay to local guides or agencies.

By choosing FB Tanzania Expeditions you are sure to talk to the person who will organize your stay from A to Z, without intermediate commissions.

Moreover, thanks to its constant presence in the field and the loyalty of its partners, FB Tanzania Expeditions can benefit from a fair negotiation.

Our prices are transparent and include the majority of expenses. (Excluding visas, airline tickets, gratuities and personal expenses).

No surprise: entrance fees for all parks are included in our prices
Depending on the number of people in the group, the prices are decreasing, ask us the departures already planned and pool the expenses!