Our Safaris are fully fun-packed, adventurous and stylish – offering beyond the traveler expect even under a limited budget. FB Tanzania Expeditions make sure you receive the maximum quality regarding however camping safari or Lodge safari. With our carefully crafted, customized Itineraries, we guarantee a true experience in the lands of Africa, in the heart of Tanzania. Whichever Safari you select, it is designed to give you the beauty of wildlife, nature and Tanzania experience.

Everyone loves exploring. But there are Safari enthusiasts who take the matter to the next level; from tracking a bird with her prey, to paying attention to a lovely insect climbing on the flowers, to following a herd to its territory…it’s all about exploring. FB Tanzania Expeditions warmly welcomes you to dig deep the bushes and savannas of Tanzania. Below are Safaris, a satisfying list of Safaris you can select.

Tanzania Budget Safari

Discover Tanzania, 4 day Camping Safari


Tanzania Classic Safari

Call of the wild, 6 day Camping Safari


Tanzania Camping Safari

Tanzania Explorer, 5 day Camping Safari